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The Best Burgers Aren’t Made Far From the Cow

28 Jun

Nestled in the rolling pastoral hills of Point Reyes, Marin Sun Farms raises 100% grass-fed cows, lambs, goats, and pasture raised pigs and chickens with some of the best real estate to roam around in. Attached to the ranch, Marin Sun Farms has a roadside butcher shop selling all of their meats and eggs, and also a cafe which serves up super fresh burgers and salads.

It’s easy to call every great burger, slice of pizza, or scoop of ice cream, etc., the best, but the burger here truly was. It was apparent after the first bite. Before going there I thought the burgers must be pretty good, but I had no idea they would be as amazing as they were. Sometimes a burger can be a let down;  it may not have the right toppings, the bun can be too bready, or it could just need some ketchup, but the beef burger at Marin Sun Farms, with cave-aged Gruyère and house smoked pork bacon on a fluffy sesame seeded bun, could fall under none of the above.

The meat was perfectly juicy, the Gruyère was a much better accompaniment than the typical orange American slice, and the bacon and bun just made it. Usually I only eat the burger with the bottom part of the bun because it’s smaller, allowing me to actually taste the meat, but the top of this bun was not to be left on the plate. The lightly toasted or grilled bun was so airy that it squished right down, therefore not taking over the delicious combination of flavors underneath.Without ketchup, at least a slice of tomato and leaf of lettuce are necessary to give some more moisture to the burger, but the meats were so fresh and perfectly cooked that I didn’t even realize the veggies’ absence. The burger came with a half of a pickle, and a side green salad with leaves as fresh as the meat. The same greens are also served in separate salad that comes with beets and creamy goat cheese.

If you find yourself anywhere in West Marin, a stop here is a must; I’d even dedicate a special trip here if I lived further away.

The perfect post-beach bite can be eaten at the cafe between 11 and 5  on Thursday though Monday and between 5 and 9 on Saturday and Sunday.

photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/niallkennedy/6779876545/


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